Dr. Brian Formolo

Dr. Brian Formolo is a Sanibel Island resident and a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. He is a licensed Holistic Chiropractic Physician.

Dr. Brian Formolo’s patients consider him to be the best Chiropractor around! He offers more than 20-years of experience as a Holistic Primary Care Physician.

Dr. Formolo is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic located in Dallas, TX. He initially practiced in Arizona, where he became bi-lingual while serving a Spanish-speaking clientèle. In the 20-years that followed, he owned and operated a boutique holistic clinic in Wisconsin. Today Dr. Formolo and his family reside on Sanibel Island, which they love.

He can help you tackle nearly any chronic illness, pain or acute injuries you may wish to resolve.

“There is nothing more exciting than helping patients heal
conditions they thought were impossible to resolve!”

Lifelong Interest in Health and Wellness

Dr. Brian Formolo has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness. He is drawn to Holistic Care because it aligns with his personal and professional beliefs about the body’s ability to heal itself without drugs or surgery. He has treated hundreds of patients seeking relief from pain, chronic illness, acute injuries, including car accident injuries with positive and lasting results.


Dr. Formolo’s approach to healing is focused on bringing his patients to full health using natural approaches to improve the whole body. This is a departure from common medical practices which only address isolated symptoms as they arise. Cultivating this approach, he has helped his patients recover from painful injuries as well as remedied an array of persistent underlying health problems.

He especially enjoys helping patients heal from chronic illnesses using holistic approaches that heal and strengthen the body.

Dr. Formolo was drawn to at-home care because it is a return to the more personal relationship between doctor and patient. He enjoys treating fellow islanders and contributing to the wellness of this beautiful place.


“Dr. Brian Formolo is a passionate professional that puts the patient first! I was under his care for 6 months. His treatment regimen expanded beyond my back pain. I was given useful nutrition suggestions for my quality of life and I felt better every time I followed through! I am grateful that I was referred to him for care. Thanks for everything!” -Melanie R.

“I have been getting my treatment with him from last six months now…he is one of the best doctors I’ve been to. He is really friendly and good in giving treatments. He understood my problems well. I would recommend him to anyone who is in pain and looking for treatments.” -Sanjiv K.

“Dr. Formolo helped me to look at the possible causes for my heart to go out of rhythm. I started drinking green shakes and taking some herbs he suggested. My heart has improved. I will continue to work with him…he is very knowledgeable about health.” -Robert F.

“I really enjoyed my treatment with Dr. Formolo because he was always giving me helpful tips on how to best manage my pain as well as how to eat better items that can strengthen my muscles.” -Kim B.

“Dr. Formolo helped me with my recovery with the use of his techniques and professional tips. His experience was shown with his professionalism and care to help me get better. Very helpful person and I recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor willing to show maximum care and compassion.” -Richard L.

“My wife and I were involved in a car accident that left us banged up pretty bad. We heard from a friend that Dr. F was a good chiropractor so we gave him a call and we couldn’t be more happy with the professional service and care we received. I would recommend him to my friends and family. Two thumbs up!” -Erik H.

“Wonderful person. I started with a lot of pain and he got me back to feeling fine now. Would recommend him to family and friends anytime.” -Bernadette L.

“Dr. Formolo is professional, polite, thorough and very knowledgeable. The treatments have been very effective; he also provided stretches and exercise suggestions for me that have helped speed up my recovery and make the most of my appointments. I would highly recommend Dr. Brian Formolo to anyone in need of chiropractic care.” -Deneen W.

“I was treated by Dr. Formolo twice now. I would strongly recommend him for anyone needing care. He is very professional, friendly and is a GREAT chiropractor. After my treatments I saw a great improvement. He is bilingual!” -Yesenia C.