Captiva Chiropractor

We provide Chiroprcatic, Wellness and Car Accident Injury care to all areas of Captiva Island. Dr. Brian Formolo is the Captiva Chiropractor and Wellness Physician who can meet you at your home, hotel or vacation rental. He is skilled at manual adjusting and activator.

If you are looking for a Captiva Chiropractor, we travel the length and width of Captiva to provide care anywhere you are located from the moment you cross Blind Pass Bridge by Turner Beach to the far outskirts of the South Seas Island Resort.

If you are a Captiva resident, well that’s easy Dr. Formolo travels to your home.

If you are a visitor, he travels to your resort or rental property including the following South Seas Resort Neighborhoods and Condominium Complexes:

American Hotels, Bayside Villas, Bayview Village (Beach Cottages), Beach Cottages. Beach Homesites, Beach Villas. Captiva Bay Villas, Captiva Beach Villas, Gulf Cottages, Gulf View, Lands End Village, Marina Villas, Seabreeze. Tennis Villas

Give us a call! Dr. Formolo would love to become your Captiva Chiropractor. He is currently accepting new patients.

We also serve Upper Captiva Island (North Captiva), Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach.

Auto Injury Care — At Your Home Or Office

If you have been in an auto accident and sustained an injury we can help. Our auto accident injury Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Formolo, could save you months of driving across town for care while juggling other commitments. The doctor travels to your home, office or vacation rental for no extra charge. Our doctor travels so you don’t have to. And after a car accident, especially when you are in pain, less driving is better.