Fort Myers Beach Chiropractor

We provide Chiropractic, Wellness and Car Accident Injury care to all nearly all areas of Fort Myers Beach. Our Fort Myers Beach Chiropractor travels to your home, vacation rental or office.

If you are looking for a Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Formolo is currently accepting new patients. He travels to a variety of Fort Myers Beach neighborhoods including the following areas below. If you are located in an area not listed, give us a call. We just may need to add your neighborhood to our service area.

  • Palmetto St / Ave Pescadora
  • Estero Blvd / Curlew St
  • Town Center
  • Bay Beach Ln / Estero Blvd
  • San Carlos Blvd / Siesta Dr
  • Pine Ridge Rd / Summerlin Rd
  • Main St / San Carlos Blvd

Whether you live or vacation in Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island, our Chiropractor is ready to travel to where you are located so you can get back to enjoying the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches, The Ostego Bay Marine Science Center, Matanzas Pass Preserve nature sanctuary, the Times Square shopping center and more.

Give us a call! Dr. Formolo would love to become your Fort Myers Beach Chiropractor. He is currently accepting new patients.

We also serve Captiva IslandNorth Captiva Island (Upper Captiva) and Sanibel Island .

Auto Injury Care  At Your Home Or Office

If you have been in an auto accident and sustained an injury we can help. Our auto accident injury Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Formolo, could save you months of driving across town for care while juggling other commitments. The doctor travels to your home, office or vacation rental for no extra charge. Our doctor travels so you don’t have to. And after a car accident, especially when you are in pain, less driving is better.