Appointment Fees


New patient appointment: $40 exam + $60 adjustment
Established patient appointment: $60 adjustment

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS are ideal for correcting alignment problems, alleviating pain, improving function, and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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New patient appointment (60 minutes): $125
Established patient appointments (30 minutes): $80

HOLISTIC PRIMARY CARE is ideal for addressing chronic/complex health conditions, determining an appropriate treatment plan and helping you each step of the way until it is resolved.

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Phone Consultation

30-minute telephone consultation: $80

PREPAREDNESS CONSULTATIONS are ideal for discussing your health history with the doctor and receiving personalized suggestions for strengthening your immune system.

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MEMBERSHIP CARE is ideal for actively resolving chronic or complex health conditions or for preventative and optimal wellness planning and ongoing quality of life improvements.

Receive priority, consistent care from a skilled doctor who has time to learn about your health history. Develop a plan to achieve your desired outcomes with guidance throughout the process.

When a health concern arises, the doctor is readily available to come to your home and is a familiar face who is knowledgeable about your health history. Additional benefits include:

  • The most cost-effective option for multiple visits.
  • Receive priority scheduling over individual appointments during busy periods.
  • Immediate care for acute health conditions when they arise.
  • Direct access to the doctor between visits via phone or e-mail.
  • Next-day delivery of nutritional supplements, as needed between visits.
  • Regular visits planned in advance; consistent care gets results!

One of the many benefits of membership care is paying a flat rate for all health services including Holistic exams, consultations and chiropractic therapy and treatments. Call us for pricing information.